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The L.O.T. Initiative© focuses on three program initiatives which form the basis of our activities and successful outcomes. 

The Way Forward

Here at The Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative it's our belief that if the 3 pillars of Family, Education, and Community are targeted effectively, many social, and family challenges can be reduced or eliminated entirely.


The Family component focuses on maintaining and cultivating a healthy family unit through training, mentoring and support where it's needed. 

Special attention is given to the systemic environment and external stressors unique to our target population.


The Education component focuses on training and equipping the next generation of society’s leaders.

Specific skill sets to compete in the changing landscapes of business, interpersonal relationships, and community involvement.


Our Community component focuses on increasing the participant's capacities for social awareness and altruism.

This is accomplished through their involvement in community service, activities that require self-awareness in relation to others, and peer-to-peer involvement.


Effective Outcomes Mean Greater Community Impact.

The scholarships that Jason provides has changed the lives of some of our students! If you could find it in your heart to give, especially to The Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative it would clearly make a difference in the lives of students and you would also feel better as a result of giving.

Dr. Roderick McDavis

Ohio University President

Dr. Carthen's program delivered to our students emphasizes servant leadership and compassion for others. His message is timely, in our cultural climate, as he emphasized not only a call to action, hard work, and persistence, but also to be empathetic, courageous, and kind to others. Keep up the great work with the LOT Initiative!

Dr. Thomas Kruczek

Notre Dame President

The Leaders of Tomorrow community Impact
Community Partners

College Outreach
Prison Ministry

Here at the Leaders of Tomorrow we are all about impact and reach. This impact takes on many forms, whether through our programs, outreach activities or simply serving others on a daily, weekly and monthly basis through our mentoring programs. Recently, we had the opportunity to go on to college campuses and into prisons to share a message of hope and courage to students and those incarcerated. What an honor it is to be a light for those who otherwise may not hear that type of message.

When it comes to making an impact, we know that collaborating with other community partners allows us to do more with limited resources. If you have an interest in becoming a L.O.T partner, please fill out the contact form and get in touch. We would love to work with you!

What key Stakeholders Are Saying

Our prison outreach and juvenile justice partnerships impact families for lasting change.

We sincerely appreciated your sharing with the youth and encouraging them not to give up as they accomplish their destiny and purpose for their lives. The presentation you gave to the youth at the Juvenile Correctional Facility was excellent!

Dr. Greg Clark

Prison Chaplain

I have to say that Jason was not only inspiring during this presentation, but he set an example of service to others that a lot of us will leave here today thinking about and wondering how we can also serve others in the community.

Judge Tim Grendel

Judge Tim Grendel

Common Pleas Court Judge

Hero Story: Jacob Sweet

Lives are being impacted every day through The Leaders of Tomorrow Program. Be sure to read this article on our most recent ambassador Jacob Sweet who is making a difference in the community and in the classroom.

Jacob Sweet 2019 LOT Initiative Ambassador


Impact one life and you can change a community.

Huge shout out to the LOT Initiative. Your support and the follow-ups even after I graduated has made a difference. Even though College life is a grind your support has helped me focus on school and not worry as much about other things. 

Tyler Walchanowicz

Mentoring Program

Thank you so much for your mentoring and support, your scholarship was also the catalyst for an amazing experience at Ohio State University and I would not be here today without your program!

Allesandra Bliss

Mentoring Program

The Leaders of Tomorrow Mentoring Courses
Curriculum that get results!

Laptop for Mentee Courses

Here at The LOT Initiative we believe in different learning styles and delivery models. It has been our personal experience that one course will transform your personal and social development more than you ever thought possible. We're excited to announce the launch of The Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative's Online course portal for our mentees and Carthen Scholars!

The portal allows asynchronous learning at the mentees' pace while allowing them to learn about the crucial pillars of The LOT Initiative. Leadership, Character, Discipline, Honor and Respect form the basis for the key modules.

What parentS THINK OF THE Mentoring PROGRAM

Support the caregivers and you create a bridge to long-term systemic impact.

The LOT Initiative has a made a huge difference for both of my daughter's. My youngest is going through the program right now. Thank you for all of your support!


Mentoring Program

Programs like The LOT Initiative allow us to take a moment to breathe and realize that we are not alone as single parents. Thank you for the mentoring program and for all that you are doing to help others in the community. It truly makes a difference!


Mentoring Program

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