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Welcome to the Lot Initiative!

The L.O.T. Initiative© focuses upon three specific program initiatives which form the basis of our activities and successful outcomes. These programmatic initiatives are Family, Education and Community.

It's our belief that if these pillars are targeted effectively, many social, and family challenges can be reduced or eliminated entirely. The Family component strategically focuses on maintaining and cultivating a healthy family unit through training and mentoring.

The Education component focuses on training and equipping the next generation of society’s leaders with specific skill sets to compete in the changing landscapes of business, interpersonal relationships, and community involvement.

Finally, our Community component focuses on increasing participant's capacities for social awareness and altruism through their involvement in community service, activities that require self-awareness in relation to others, and peer-to-peer involvement.

Character: School Outreach

Dr. Jason hanging with students for the LOT Initiative Character Based School Assembly!

The Leaders of Tomorrow Mentoring Courses

We're excited to announce the launch of The Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative's Online course portal for our mentees and Carthen Scholars! The portal will allow asynchronous learning at the mentees pace to learn about crucial pillars of the LOT Initiative. Leadership, Character, Discipline, Honor and Respect will be key modules. Be on the lookout for release and access dates!

Laptop for Mentee Courses

COMING SOON! Online Learning Portal

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see families, communities, society, and ultimately the world positively influenced through the next generation of leaders.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to “Equip the next generation of society's leaders for life’s possibilities through, training, education, accountability, and mentoring focused initiatives. …”

Our Programs

Our Programs have a core underpinning. That underpinning is rooted in our philosophy, which is based upon Servant Leadership.

Hear more of Autumn's story and watch her continue to rise!

Our Three Pillars

Today in headlines all across the country, there are so many stories that detail a broken family unit and a deteriorating


This component strategically focuses upon maintaining and cultivating a healthy family unit through training.


This component focuses upon training and equipping the next generation of society’s leaders with specific skill sets.


This component focuses upon increasing the capacity for social awareness and altruism.