“T.I.E.S. that Bind”© Leadership Development & Mentoring Program


Focuses upon cultivating and maintaining positive leadership characteristics and practices through curriculum supported training and mentoring focused initiatives. An action oriented concept that is viable, robust, and capable of longevity, while not simply offering a duplication of existing social services, each quarter, the “T.I.E.S. that Bind” Leadership Development and Mentoring program provides Leadership Development training for students from ages 12-18 who are in middle school, high school and for our Carthen scholars in College.


Program Delivery

A one by three model:

A Mentor commits to connect with a Mentee at least once a week every month, (it can be phone call, or in person, etc.) every month, for 12 calendar months.

A Mentor makes the commitment to stay connected with a mentee for at least one year until all the modules are completed.

A Mentor commits to attend a quarterly celebration each quarter or every three months to recognize and fellowship with their mentees at a group event held by The LOT Initiative. The events also allow mentors to connect and discuss best practices with other mentors.

*Special note:

For ages 12-18 (Uses the Leadership Development Component with the SLPI completion)

For ages 12-14 (The Leadership Development component does not include the SLPI Assessment)

A Mentor must go through a Two day training offered by the LOT Initiative (Typically on a Friday and Saturday held each quarter) sign a youth protection agreement, and complete a background check before becoming a Mentor. The Mentor will then receive their materials and module instruction binder. It will be their responsibility to make sure the Mentee is grasping the content and understanding the curriculum modules. The staff of the LOT Initiative will be available to go over any questions or if there is a need to clarify the curriculum modules.

Mentees must take “The Student Leadership Challenge” Assessment before entering the TIES that Bind Leadership Development and Mentoring Program to establish a baseline for their understanding and practice of Leadership (For ages 12-21).

Module Overview

Key Points

Program is Grounded in Research: Statistically Validated Scales are associated with Program Modules.

Pre and Post Test Assessments for Program Outcomes: Conducted with each mentoring group before and after each delivery module


Curriculum Modules include:

1. Teamwork:

Shared Vision/Interdependency with others/Mutual Accountability Shared Goals over Individual Goals

2. Inspired Motivation:


3. Excellence in Relationships:


4. Servant Leadership:

Altruism/ Trust/Humility/Empowerment/Service



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