Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to “Equip the next generation of society’s leaders for life’s possibilities through, training, education, accountability, and mentoring focused initiatives.…”

The LOT Initiative’s Mission Effectiveness

How do we effectively target and carry out our mission?

We are outcome focused with measurable goals and objectives that serve as key indicators during and after the time of service delivery. These key performance indicators allow the organization to chart progress toward our mission.

Our “L Scores”©

A key benchmark for the LOT Initiatives success in reaching its mission are what we call “L scores”© or leadership effectiveness scores.

These scores are based upon progress indicators in line with our program objectives. “L scores”© are derived from targets set for each LOT Initiative activity, event, or planned outreach or service delivery session. If targets are achieved, internally they receive a score in accordance with previously established benchmarks for organizational success related to objectives.

If goals and ultimately objectives are not achieved, then the barriers to successful goal attainment are explored and the team evaluates possible strength based solutions (Problem solving) to improve the L score.

The strength based problem solving method helps the organization overcome barriers and stay on course to reach Missional objectives and remain consistent with our purpose and vision.

Here at the LOT initiative, our outcomes are research based and outcome driven. Where program participants are at the beginning of services vs., where they are when we finish, allowing us to establish key benchmarks for our success and ultimately help improve our delivery model for greater impact…(ANOVA, ANOVAs, for statistical outcomes).