Our Programs

“99 Reasons”©

Provides Education and Community focused initiatives focused on the intentional development of

capacities related to Leadership, Visionary Training, Education, and Mentoring. Youth sports camps that target team building, character, and the cultivation of core values take place each summer in a day camp format with locations on College Campuses. Positive role models (e.g., community leaders, college and pro athletes, etc.) speak to the youth about making correct choices and being held accountable for their actions.


“A Healthy Marriage Now”©

Provides training and Fatherhood mentoring to assist fathers and couples in parenting and developmental understanding of age appropriate interactionswith their children and in their interpersonal relationships. Services are provided free of charge to members of the communities in Northeast, Ohio. The trainings cover a breadth of family topics, but specifically cover some rigorous topics that every relationship may experience from time to time.


“T.I.E.S. that Bind”©

Leadership Development & Mentoring

Focuses upon cultivating and maintaining positive leadership characteristics and practices through

curriculum supported training and mentoring focused initiatives. An action oriented concept that

is viable, robust, and capable of longevity, while not simply offering a duplication of existing social

services, each quarter, the “T.I.E.S. that Bind” Leadership Development and Mentoring program

provides Leadership Development training for students from ages 12-23 who are in middle school through college.