Our Uniqueness

We are Unique, because of what we do….

We are unique due to the variation of our service offerings and utilization of validated research for desired program outcomes. For example, we offer the only hybrid leadership development and mentoring program in Northeast, Ohio. By providing such a unique program offering, we are able to document outcomes that add to current research findings in leadership. Focusing on our three pillars of Family, Education, and Community uniquely positions our organization to impact youth adults and seniors for successful program outcomes. Even those involved with the initiative realize the unique nature of our mission and vision.

Our willingness and ability to partner with other organizations also affords us a unique opportunity to realize greater goal attainment on a collective level, which only strengthens our mission of “Equipping the Next Generation of Society’s Leaders for Life’s Possibilities through Training, Education, Accountability, and Mentoring Focused Initiatives.” Finally, as we seek to realize our vision of seeing the world impacted through the Next generation of Leaders, we are allowed the privilege and long term opportunity to introduce and carry out large scale change due to our key influence upon both society and business leaders. This long term influence and civic engagement insures The L.O.T Initiative© will continue to foster positive outcomes for years to come.