“The work that Dr. Carthen has done and is doing through the Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative (LOT) is vital to the preparation and introduction of the next generation of leaders into our society. The mentoring and practical training serves to empower and give courage to young leaders to prepare, step forward and provide leadership in their communities, schools, homes, etc.

Dr. Carthen is to be commended for his vision and proactive posture by aggressively seeking out young people and helping them to believe they really can make a difference.

I look forward to the results of this on-going work and remain excited about the energy, creativity and freshness that is being injected into so many leadership circles.” 

Herman Matherson, C.E.O., The House of The Lord Church


Dr. Carthen the presentation you gave at Christ Community Church  was

excellent. We appreciated your challenge to the senior citizens to

become personally involved in the lives of the young people in our community.

There is a definite need among senior citizens to become better informed and to participate in our

community and in the lives of the younger generation. Your challenge provided an excellent

forum for those in attendance.

Thanks again for taking the time to encourage the seniors to take an active part in volunteering.

William and Roberta Davis




Dr. Carthen:

The motivational presentation you gave to the youth at the Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility was excellent!

We sincerely appreciated your sharing with the youth and encouraging them not to give up and that they accomplish their destiny and purpose for their lives.Your encouraging remarks provided an excellent forum for the youth to ask

questions and voice opinions. Thank you again for such an informative and pleasant afternoon.


Dr. Gregory F. Clark 


It gives me great satisfaction to comment on The Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative's impact in the community. I am currently collaborating with Dr. Carthen in developing my own non-profit organization that focuses upon leadership. 

My first contact with Dr. Carthen was during the spring of 1995, when he was interested in helping lead a youth organization called The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He was a leader on the local board of trustee’s and participated in numerous school clubs as a speaker and summer sports camp clinician. During the course of his work with teens, Dr. Carthen presented material with such ease and humor that he set the tone for the entire year.

His creative ideas for presentations and activities were inventive and entertaining. His work with adults and youth from a variety of backgrounds would often involve conflict, and occasionally confrontation. While setting limits, Dr. Carthen managed to respond consistently with respect and compassion. The experience had a profound effect upon the participants…. If you want to reach and equip society’s next generation of leaders, I strongly urge you to carefully consider The Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative & Dr. Carthen who is, quite simply, one of the most remarkable men I have ever met.


Frank J. Stretar

Founder & President LeaderWithin