Program Outcomes


Here are a few recent program outcomes at a glance:


1. Over Five Thousand, four hundred eighty two individuals served through The Leaders of Tomorrow  Initiative™ Character-based Assemblies:

Cleveland Heights, Rhodes High, Twinsburg,  Nordonia, Tric-C, Bethel University, Indiana Wesleyan, RBC Chamberlin, Malone University, Indiana Tech, USA Football, etc..


2.  49 students successfully completing our “Ties That Bind” Leadership and Mentoring programs. New Mentoring program participants in Fall of 2015 meeting at Twinsburg Public Library.


3. 372 Students took the “Team 99”™ pledge to Live Alcohol & Drug Free.


4. Thirteen outreaches with Seven Thousand, two hundred prisoners targeted for re-entry after incarceration!


5. Eight students involved in our Carthen Scholars™ College mentoring program.


6. The Influence Study™ Multi-Year Qualitative Longitudinal Study on the Positive Effects of Mentoring upon Youth. Ongoing data collection with pre and post assessment tracking for program outcome effectiveness.


7.  Strategic Partnership with Chick-Fil-a corporation to provide free Youth Leadership Training Sessions.


8. To date, the Sixteen  Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships have been granted to incoming freshmen.