The Influence Study™

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Dr. Carthen is a longtime proponent of civic engagement, social justice and youth advocacy. When he formed The Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative™, his goal was to educate underprivileged youth about leadership, character and civic responsibilities. It has grown into a movement that equips and encourages thousands of young people all over the country to live their lives on purpose and to go after their dreams no matter what their current circumstances may be.

In 2008, when the Initiative began, he started a multi-year outcome based longitudinal study to track and accurately report the effects of mentoring and leadership training on program participants. Called The Influence Study™ Dr. Carthen's research utilizes grounded theory and qualitative research methods to track outcomes amongst program participants to serve as a better predictor of long-term success. Based upon the study's research findings, program objectives are then adjusted and targeted to increase leadership capacities, character development, school engagement and reading skills among high school and college students.

Through his research and data collection, The LOT Initiative's T.I.E.S. that Bind Mentoring Program™ continues to assess the impact of mentoring on the success of high school students entering institutions of higher learning.